Chrisitan Financial Resouces, INC.

Type Annual Yield (APY) Minimum Investment Effective Date
Ready Access 1.80% $2,000* 04/01/2020
2.00% $1,000,000 04/01/2020
1-Year Certificate** 2.40% $25,000 05/29/2020
3-Year Certificate** 2.60% $10,000 04/01/2020
2.70% $250,000 04/01/2020
5-Year Certificate** 2.70% $10,000 04/01/2020
2.80% $250,000 04/01/2020
7-Year Certificate** 2.80% $10,000 04/01/2020
2.90% $250,000 04/01/2020
10-Year Certificate** 2.90% $10,000 04/01/2020
3.0% $250,000 04/01/2020
Flexible Certificate** Negotiable % $1,000,000 04/01/2020
*Not available for Individual Retirement Accounts. IRAs require a minimum $10,000 initial investment.**Early redemption penalty will apply


Christian Financial Resources (CFR) is a not-for-profit Christ-centered organization that was incorporated in the state of Florida on July 3, 1980. Months earlier, visionary leaders from around the state gathered in central Florida to discuss the idea of forming a ministry that would assist churches with their financial needs. It became abundantly clear that many churches needed help—a partner of some sort—to finance land acquisitions and construction projects. These included new church worship areas, family life centers, parsonages and schools, as well as other facilities that help the body of Christ carry out the Great Commission. Soon after the first meeting, a new ministry was born.

From the pioneer days of the ministry to the frontiers of tomorrow, CFR’s purpose remains the same. The CFR slogan “Funding Ministry... Changing Lives,” sums it up. CFR carries out its purpose by receiving funds through investments and contributions, and subsequently loaning those funds at affordable rates to the independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ and their associated ministries. A board of directors provides oversight for the ministry.

Funding Ministry... Changing Lives

Throughout the past 40 years, CFR has expanded to meet the needs of the growing congregations it serves. The ministry provides consultation in the areas of stewardship, capital campaigns, budget creation, leadership, church growth, and staff development. CFR also leads disaster-relief efforts in the state of Florida, aiding Christian churches affected by hurricanes or suffering from other unexpected adverse circumstances.

In 2003, CFR acquired Central Florida New Church Evangelism, Inc., and quickly renamed the organization Florida Church Planters, Inc. to reflect a statewide focus in the area of new church planting. Florida Church Planters is a 501(c)(3) ministry and a wholly controlled subsidiary of Christian Financial Resources.

Continued Expansion

To accommodate unprecedented growth and enable continued expansion, CFR moved into a new office building located in Lake Mary, Florida, in the spring of 2006. During the organization's 11-year tenure at that location, CFR grew from $35 million to $380 million in assets under management. In October of 2017, God blessed CFR with a new state-of-the-art office elsewhere in Lake Mary, Florida.

CFR has now exceeded $500 million in total assets under management, and has nearly 6,000 investment accounts. Most importantly, over the course of its long history, CFR has funded more than 700 ministry projects, resulting in untold numbers of changed lives.