Chrisitan Financial Resouces, INC.

Type Annual Yield (APY) Minimum Investment Effective Date
Ready Access 2.50% $2,000* 01/01/2019
2.60% $250,000 01/01/2019
2.70% $1,000,000 01/01/2019
15-Month Certificate** 3.0% $25,000 07/27/2019
3-Year Certificate** 3.30% $10,000 01/01/2019
3.40% $250,000 01/01/2019
5-Year Certificate** 3.60% $10,000 01/01/2019
3.70% $250,000 01/01/2019
7-Year Certificate** 3.90% $10,000 01/01/2019
4.0% $250,000 01/01/2019
Flexible Certificate** Negotiable % $1,000,000 01/01/2019
*Not available for Individual Retirement Accounts. IRAs require a minimum $10,000 initial investment.**Early redemption penalty will apply

Our Mission

Christian Financial Resources (CFR) is a not-for-profit organization with a mission of "Funding Ministry... Changing Lives." At CFR, we assist independent Christian Churches and their associated ministries. We currently manage more than $500 million in total assets while serving roughly 4,000 investors.

The CFR ministry model is simple, building on the stewardship practices of the first-century church. In the early church, believers shared their possessions with other believers in need. By opening a CFR investment account, you are helping to fund a ministry project. Since 1980, hundreds of ministry projects have received funding through CFR! These projects include land acquisitions, loan refinances, and/or the construction improvement of church buildings, parsonages, schools, and various other facilities operated by the congregations we serve.