Chrisitan Financial Resouces, INC.

Type Annual Yield (APY) Minimum Investment Effective Date
Ready Access 2.10% $2,000* 10/01/2019
2.20% $250,000 10/01/2019
2.30% $1,000,000 10/01/2019
3-Year Certificate** 3.0% $10,000 10/01/2019
3.10% $250,000 10/01/2019
5-Year Certificate** 3.20% $10,000 10/01/2019
3.30% $250,000 10/01/2019
7-Year Certificate** 3.40% $10,000 10/01/2019
3.50% $250,000 10/01/2019
Flexible Certificate** Negotiable % $1,000,000 10/01/2019
*Not available for Individual Retirement Accounts. IRAs require a minimum $10,000 initial investment.**Early redemption penalty will apply

Building a Fixed Income Ladder


At Christian Financial Resources, we teach the concept of building a fixed income ladder to maximize returns and provide you with annual penalty-free access to a portion of your money.

Our CEO Darren Key, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢ professional, has written a one-page guide explaining how you can build a ladder using Certificates from CFR.

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