Chrisitan Financial Resouces, INC.

Type Annual Yield (APY) Minimum Investment Effective Date
Ready Access 1.80% $2,000* 04/01/2020
2.00% $1,000,000 04/01/2020
1-Year Certificate** 2.40% $25,000 05/29/2020
3-Year Certificate** 2.60% $10,000 04/01/2020
2.70% $250,000 04/01/2020
5-Year Certificate** 2.70% $10,000 04/01/2020
2.80% $250,000 04/01/2020
7-Year Certificate** 2.80% $10,000 04/01/2020
2.90% $250,000 04/01/2020
10-Year Certificate** 2.90% $10,000 04/01/2020
3.0% $250,000 04/01/2020
Flexible Certificate** Negotiable % $1,000,000 04/01/2020
*Not available for Individual Retirement Accounts. IRAs require a minimum $10,000 initial investment.**Early redemption penalty will apply

Investor FAQs

How do I open an investment account (other than an IRA) with CFR?
First, start by reading our Offering Circular. Then, complete the Investment Application. Finally, enclose a check payable to CFR and mail it to our office – or scan and email a copy of a voided check.
How do I open an IRA with CFR?
In addition to completing the Investment Application and form W-9, an IRA applicant must also complete a TMI IRA Application Form. Checks for all IRAs must be made payable to TMI Trust Company (CFR’s approved IRA custodian.) Please contact our office for further information.
How do I transact business with CFR?
You can transact business with CFR in the following ways:
  • Call our office**
  • Log in and submit your request online or via the CFR app
  • Mail your request
  • Fax your request
  • Visit our office
  • Set up an automatic clearing house (ACH) direct debit or credit
**Prior authorization from the investor is required to perform phone transfers. IRAs and church accounts are excluded from phone transfers.
Does CFR charge for bank transfers?
We do not charge for electronic fund transfers (EFTs), which usually take 24 to 48 hours to process. We do charge for wire transfers. All wire transfers must be requested no later than 2:00 PM EST. The customary fee for a wire transfer within the United States is $25.
What maintenance or custodial fees will I be charged at CFR?
CFR assesses no fees on any investments.
How often does CFR pay interest?
Interest is compounded daily and can be paid monthly, quarterly, annually, or left to compound and grow. Annual yields are noted on all current rate sheets.
How will my investment help another church?
Funds placed with CFR are used to make Christian church loans, thus helping churches grow, expand, and ultimately reach more people for Christ.